Train of the Male Peafowl

And some history about the “Peacock Neighborhood” of Cape Canaveral

February is Peafowl mating season and for Cape Canaveral the displays were especially fine. These were captured on a photography expedition via automobile, being especially fortunate in observing peacocks (male peafowl) on high perches oriented perfectly to display the magnificent train (trail).

Here is some information on Reddit from “Mr_mayhem77 “According to locals, the Eberwein family lived between Port Canaveral and what is now the Villages of Seaport. In fact a street is actually named after them (Eberwein Drive) at the northern edge of Cape Canaveral. They had the peafowl among many farm animals. The family moved in 1986 and abandoned the peafowls. Over the years the peafowl have slowly populated our community with the greatest concentration being north of Central Ave.”

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10 thoughts on “Train of the Male Peafowl

  1. How does the community feel about their screeching? The first time I heard one of these birds, I didn’t know where it was, and I was certain someone was screaming in fear!

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    1. Excellent question, thank you, shoreacres. It is not only the mating calls, but there is also the eating of flowers, defecation, interactions with pets. A news piece from back in 2015 reports the murder of a peacock by gunshot. The article lists several annoyances caused by the birds. There is a crowd of the fowl in the area. Shooting of any kind is against the law in any neighborhood, and laws against animal cruelty are citing.

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