Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danagher

Bronze sculpture by artist Mark Rode

Quiet Man film characters Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danagher as played by John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara sculpted in bronze by artist Mark Rode. Installed 2013, the year before this photograph was captured, at a site adjacent to the Abby ruins, Cong Village, Connemara, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

Here presented are two versions of the same image. One cropped. Please leave a comment stating which you prefer and why. Thank You

Use this slide show, flip back and forth to compare the images, reach a conclusion on which you prefer.

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6 thoughts on “Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danagher

  1. I like the cropped one better too because it foregrounds the sculpture, enlarges the figures, emphasizes them – it’s almost like the guy is walking up to you with this woman in his arms. The other image makes them look smaller, farther away, like you’re above them.

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  2. I am spoiled by years of zooming into details … thus prefer the image with full book binder … a more complete image. If I were studying sculpture technique, I’d zoom in for details. But as a scene, I like the broader view.

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