When is a folly not a mistake?

A selection of photographs from our February 2022 visit to McKee Botanical Gardens, Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida

This wrought iron and stone structure takes it inspiration from the faux ruins that sprung up in European gardens in the 18th century. These fabricated remnants of castles, temples and gates were constructed to look as though a historic or classical structure once had stood on that spot. They were named follies because they had not purpose other than ornamentation. McKee’s Folly evokes its own noteworthy history, as it welcomes visitors and vines.

Click me for a dinosaur at McKee Gardens, Neovenator, teeth like steak knives

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5 thoughts on “When is a folly not a mistake?

    1. They are found here and there across the USA, as it turns out. Here’s a Wikipedia list… Bancroft Tower, Worcester, Massachusetts
      Belvedere Castle, New York City
      Bishop Castle, outside of Pueblo, Colorado
      Chateau Laroche, Loveland, Ohio
      Italian Barge, Villa Vizcaya, Miami, Florida
      Kingfisher Tower, Otsego Lake (New York)
      Lawson Tower, Scituate, Massachusetts
      Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida
      Summersville Lake Lighthouse, Mount Nebo, West Virginia
      The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee
      Hofmann Tower in Lyons, Illinois
      Vessel, New York, New York
      Watts Towers, Watts, Los Angeles

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