Square Tower as viewed from the Kiva

Cliff Palace Access

Pam and I arrived at Mesa Verde early one summer morning in July and spent time understanding the landscape of the ruin sites and the lighting.  I made a mental visit plan and decided to arrive at the cliff palace mid-afternoon and it turned out, of the tour times available, this was the best.  It is possible to make special arrangements for access, to take photographs, and maybe I will give this a try in my next life.

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Four Stories

This four-story square tower, located at the south end of the alcove, at one time reached the ceiling. Access to the upper rooms was provided by hatchways in the lower room roofs.

What about that T-shaped door?

On the fourth floor, a T-shaped doorway suggests a balcony because that type of opening in the wall, designed to minimize the area, was used as a doorway.

Bend over Backwards

Inside the tower are well preserved wall paintings.  To view them, you side in that lower opening, facing outwards and, bending backwards, look up into the tower.  You need to hold onto the wall to do this and its the only time we were allowed to touch the ruin.

The Kiva

The modern wooden ladder rises from a kiva platform.  Notice the level of wear on the top of the ladder posts.  There are three kivas visible from the tower and at a later time I might post about these.

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