Anniversary Tableau and Cards

Trunks Entwined

Pam created this tableau in our den to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.

My card to Pam is on left, Her’s to the right. Pam presented these ceramic elephants to Michael on their 14th Wedding Anniversary, Monday, March 20, 2023. Ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th.

Pam’s card is a illustration of solid and variegated  tulips, a spring flower.

On Michael’s card is a Spine-cheeked ClownFish. This fish species lives among the tentacles of the Bubble-tip sea anemone, also in photograph. “Both organisms form a symbiotic relationship: the clownfish will rarely stray more than a few yards from its stinging tent of protection. The anemone benefits from the darting antics of the clownfish, which protect the anemone from its predators.” Quote from the Sierra club. Photograph on card by Mike Bacon.

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9 thoughts on “Anniversary Tableau and Cards

  1. Happy Anniversary, Michael and Pam!

    I am catching up here. Some WP reader bug has cropped up as of yesterday and I cannot like a number of posts or comments at this time. I am here.

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    1. Lavinia..That happens with me, as well, when “liking” a long number of posts in the reader. I always thought of it as a “feature” not a “bug” as it discourages automation of the “liking” process. Thank You for the much appreciated comment and the congrats.


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