Approach to the Museum

The Ulster Museum is set among the Botanic Gardens. Armed with umbrellas, Pam and I parked on this interesting street, Colenso Parade, on one side these row houses, on the other the gardens.

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We parked and walked in, free as you please, taking in some of the beauty on our way to “Treasures from the Girona”, a permanent Ulster Museum exhibit.

Our time strolling the walks was all too brief, 20 minutes, not enough to savor the treasures of knowledge suggested by the words “Botanic Garden.” be continued…..

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9 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. The double-yellow line along the curb definitely would have thrown me off. I would have thought things like โ€œdo they think they need a double line to tell people not to drive up on the curb.โ€

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  2. The double yellow line denotes โ€œno parking at any timeโ€, not a one way street. I love the Botanic Gardens and the museum in Belfast – rain or shine ๐Ÿ˜Š

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