Approach to the Museum

The Ulster Museum is set among the Botanic Gardens. It was in the gardens on this rainy Saturday we needed the umbrellas several times during our twenty minute digression before the museum engulfed us.

The rain brought out this snail, house on its back.

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We found flowers flourishing throughout the island. These foxglove were huge. The common name is after Leonhard Fuchs, who first described it. “Fuchs” is German for fox. be continued…..

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4 thoughts on “Foxglove

  1. You are bringing back so many memories for me with these posts Michael. My parents used to live next to the Botanic Gardens for about 25 years. The memories are good but I am still very sad about them being here no longer. Thank you. I also worked as the Ulster Museum’s first artist in residence for six months back in 1989! It is one of the best museums I know, but perhaps I would say that wouldn’t I.

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    1. My pleasure, Alistair. We were impressed by the quality of the Ulster museum building, exhibits and surroundings. Green spaces are so important for a city. This was our only exposure to Belfast, a fortuitous choice as it was (maybe) the only visit not pre-planned. My Grandparent and Mother left for America through Belfast, on a ship, though Mom never mentioned it as such. I discovered this link through research.

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