Paper Thin and Wet

Poppies!!! Petals like paper

The Ulster Museum is set among the Botanic Gardens. It was in the gardens on this rainy Saturday, after the Foxglove flowers of yesterday’s post, flourishing, bright red poppy flowers caught my eye.

Here is a take on poppy flower buds on long stems among leaves.

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Poppy is a storied plant, most species do not produce the narcotic alkaloids associated with sleep and death, pain control. Papaveroideae, the sub-family of these plants, is derived from the Latin for paper, papyrus. You can see the association in the following photographs, petals drenched in water, crumpling like wet paper.

….and more. be continued…..

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  1. Poppy is the state flower for California, Michael. I didn’t know that the opium poppy plant contains narcotic alkaloids such as morphine and codeine. It’s interesting to find out.

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