Botanic Garden of Belfast

In closing

The Ulster Museum is set among the Botanic Gardens. It was in the gardens on this rainy Saturday Pam and I wandered for twenty minutes to sweep away the cobwebs of our rainy drive from Coleraine.

I do not have an identification for the following photograph. If you know, please comment. Thank You.

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“Tropical” palm trees and bromeliad are found throughout Ireland. Thank You Gulf Stream.

Another unidentified plant…..

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8 thoughts on “Botanic Garden of Belfast

  1. Merci pour la visite dans ce jardin de rêve ! Alors qu’ici, dans les Vosges, on se sent en Provence tant il fait sec et chaud, on rêve de pluie et de fraîcheur irlandaises. Belle journée, Danielle

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  2. I admire those who can tell flowers apart. I cannot. But sometimes, just enjoying their freshly splashed little faces is enough 🙂
    Oh, but that very brave snail. All alone on the pavement.
    A lovely walk. Thank you for sharing beautiful sights 🙂

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