Zion Narrows V

narrow and tall

This long exposure blurs the two distant human figures looking downstream toward junction of Orderville Canyon, around corner. Narrows of Zion National Park, Utah

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3 thoughts on “Zion Narrows V

  1. I love how the inclusion of the people in the photograph give it a greater sense of the massiveness of the narrows. I had to smile looking at it to realize I probably would have been irritated that there were people there to “spoil” my photo — never taking into account how without them in the photo it’s impossible to grasp the size of the cliffs. Thank you, Michael!

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    1. It is a problem at any iconic site. The Narrows, less so the farther we went in. At this spot there is a portion that takes the better part of a day to traverse, with immense cliffs and the potential for flash floods. Those people peeked around the corner and turned back.


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