“Los Mariachis” and two metal owls

A selection of photographs from our January 2019 visit to McKee Botanical Gardens, Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida

My final Seward Johnson sculpture posting opens with a piece of uncertain authorship, I just know it was not installed for our second 2020 visit just before COVID-19 hit.

Here we have a dynamic group, I can almost hear the music.

Click me for a dinosaur at McKee Gardens, Amargasaurus, a “small” sauropod.,

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4 thoughts on ““Los Mariachis” and two metal owls

  1. The combination of metal sculpture and Mariachi musicians reminded me of the musical group ‘Metalachi’ — a fusion of heavy metal and Mariachi. As you might imagine, it’s not for everyone, but they certainly have a unique sound (and look). You can look up a live performance if you like, but this is a pretty good taste of their sound.

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  2. I would love to have those owls, Michael. I have a few yard sculptures, a kangaroo, a windmill, some artificial roses, etc., and a whirly-gig. I truly have to hold myself back from buying many I’ve seen and loved. However, that little owl would be so nice!
    Seward Johnson’s sculptures are wonderful. It’s been a treat to see them.

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