Desert Chicory

Macro work on Peter’s Trail

This is a type of daisy, formal name Rafinesquia neomexicana. This season, March 2008, it grew throughout the wilderness. You might know it as Plumeseed or New Mexico Plumeseed.

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4 thoughts on “Desert Chicory

  1. My heavens! I know chicory, and I know our native Texas look-alike, the skeleton flower (which is lavender rather than blue) but I’ve never heard of or seen this gem. I couldn’t figure out why it was appearing on the various maps as “present in Texas,” but then I solved the mystery. It’s in exactly one county: El Paso — as far west in Texas as you can get. It must be creeping eastward from New Mexico.

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    1. Blue chicory flowers are on “every” roadside throughout this area of upstate New York. Wonder what is limiting the range of Desert Chicory (Rafinesquia neomexicana)?

      I’ve been in El Paso — remember the Shin Dagger Agave especially. Here is a reference to the Desert Chicory in Texas.
      Turner, B.L., H. Nichols, G. Denny, and O. Doron. 2003. Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Texas, vol. 1. Sida, Botanical Miscellany, No. 24. Botanical Research Institute of Texas Press, Fort Worth.


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