Pure Nature

Bird’s Eye View

Early November trees, Taughannock Gorge, Finger Lakes Region, New York State walking the South Rim Trail we are among the upper reaches of trees clinging to the steep gorge walls.

Happy Birthday to my dear wife Pam.

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Two Views

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22 thoughts on “Pure Nature

  1. When I see pictures like these I tell them that it reminds me of my childhood visits to upstate NY – and here it is actually upstate NY!!! I’ve often dreamed of going back and getting myself happily lost in the woods!!

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    1. You comment inspired me to revisit the wikipedia article Black Oak where I discovered the tree bark is a source of Quercetin, a crystalline powder of a brilliant citron yellow color. Nowadays, it is a food supplement “antioxidant.” I don’t know if that is a Black Oak…it is a common species around here.

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      1. I was just reading that. So, we have them here. Hm. Quercus Velutina…was called yellow oak @ one time. Now, yellow oak refers to Chinquapin oaks, which reminds me of Chinquapin chestnuts here in NC. Sorry, my mind wanders. LOL!


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