Pam’s Views of the Causeway II

Walking the Giant’s Causeway

Pam continued past the Causeway, exploring other features on a path along a broad, rocky beach.

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9 thoughts on “Pam’s Views of the Causeway II

  1. The Giants Causeway…I remember it well with love. We hiked down instead of riding the shuttle…the purple thistle lined the way and Clay, anxious to witness this wonder, chafed at my stopping to snap pictures of wildflowers along the way. Magnificent! Yet, Ireland as a whole, stole my heart forever.

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      1. We spent 2 weeks touring nearly 2000 miles around Ireland a couple years ago. I don’t know where you are locate but we travelled from Oklahoma USA for the trip. we used Smartours. The two of us made this journey seeing ….just so much more than I could list here while staying in 4-5 star hotels and almost all meals provided, for $5000 for us both including airfare.
        If you have the opportunity, DO THAT! You will not be disappointed. I cried on the day we had to leave Ireland. 🥰

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      2. Pam and I did a 21 day tour, stayed at posh hotels (ie, Ashford Castle) and B&B’s and with cousins (start and finish on the Cooley Peninsula). Drove a rental, Google Maps navigation. Used a booking agency, “Exploring Vacations.” Went off “without a hitch.” We needed at least 2 weeks at each of the 7 stops for full enjoyment of each area (instead of the two nights). Getting to know Ireland via road, driving ourselves, was perfect for us.

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