Farmland Southeast of Carlingford

Beauty of the Cooley Peninsula, County Louth, Ireland

I offer here a continuation of descriptions of a 2014 walk on the Tain Way, an appreciation of the lore and beauty of Ireland.

Descending the Tain Way from the ridge of Golyin Pass the sweep of Cooley Peninsula spread before us. Louth is the smallest of the Irish Republic counties, a peninsula which is mountainous where it is not farmland, one exception being Carlingford with the most people, population 1,405 in 2016.

Residential Carlingford continues along the Greenore Road, farmland adjoins then continues southeast along the Cooley Peninsula margin, the Irish Sea beyond. Greenore Town and deep water port on upper left.  These photographs are views from the Tain Way on the slopes of Slieve Foye, the highest mountain of County Louth.

Greenore Town and Deepwater Port
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Wander through the place names: Chapel Hill, Liberties of Carlingford, Moneymore, Leminageh, Crossalaney, Mullatee, Millgrange, Ramparts, Muchgrange, Ballyamony, Mullabane, Petestown, Ballagane, Willville, Whites Town.

There is a deepwater port on Carlingford Lough adjacent to and part of Greenore Town. The port employed Cousin John Mills years ago, supplementing his farm income. Across the lough is Greenecastle, Newry in Northern Ireland.

Greenore Town and Deepwater Port

The Irish Sea opens on the far side of Greenore with the Isle of Man about 52 miles east and a little north.

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  1. How nice to discover your beautiful blog! I made two hikes along the Irish coast (North). Immediately I recognized Carlingford. We stayed there for two days. I have such beautiful memories of Ireland. I hope to come back for a new hiking adventure. Best regards from Breskens, Zeeland, The Netherlands.

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    1. The ancient Viking settlement of Carlingford has connections with your part of the world, speaking broadly. My mother was born in the area and her family emigrated to Canada when she was three….we were visiting cousins who maintained the farm all these years, visited the house where she was born. Thank you for the compliment…I enjoyed the photographs on your blogs. You are a skilled landscape photographer. Cheers from the Finger Lakes Region of New York State (Ithaca — home to Cornell University)

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