Lone Pine 4


From this angle the Pinyon Pine is backed by Checkerboard Mesa slickrock.

For humans travelling on foot this weather worn sandstone is anything but slippery, If we wore iron horseshoes the sense of slippery, or slick, rock becomes apparent. It was ranchers mounted on horses who coined the name slickrock.

For this shot we approached Zion National Park from the east, via route 9, past Checkerboard Mesa.

Captured with a Kodak DCS Pro SLE/c dslr and a Canon lens EF 200 mm 1:2.8 L II stabilized with the Manfrotto Studio Tripod model 475 and the 468 Hydrostatic ball head. This series explores the possibility of the iconic “Lone Pine.”

Here is a gallery of the four Lone Pine images.

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  1. Given the opportunity trees will grow almost anywhere!
    This image is amazing, Michael. I agree with neihtn above. It looks like a Japanese/Chinese painting/landscape.

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