Horse Trap on Inishmore

Travel at its best

Enjoying travel on a horse trap, a type of carriage, on Inishmore (Inis Mór), the largest Aran Island in Galway Bay.

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View from Horse Drawn Trap on Cottage Road headed into Kilronan

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39 thoughts on “Horse Trap on Inishmore

  1. Whew! The title and image aroused alarm … good to know “trap” has more meanings than I was aware of.

    Looks like a beautiful day on a beautiful road … moving at a beautifully slow pace.

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    1. I can imagine!! I wanted to bicycle and my wife, Pam, refused. We hired the driver with the least spiffy rig. Turns out he was forced into it when the EU shut him out of fishing. He was great at picking out the sights and stories of island life. I have to admit, Pam was right.

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