George Washington Bridge to Schuylerville 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Road Warriors

Throughout my life, beginning with trips between Long Island and Tucson, Arizona for college…throughout young and mature adulthood to return to the family home for celebrations…in my 40’s, 50’s and 60’s caring for aging parents and now, in retirement, researching genealogy I have travelled this route over the George Washington Bridge, over Manhattan, through the Bronx, then over the Throgs Neck Bridge to Queens County, Long Island and always as the driver. This is the first time being able to document the route with a quality camera. Driving here requires the total attention of the driver, the traffic, reading unfamiliar signs…..what a treat to sit and snap. Here goes.

On Interstate 80 then 95 moving through Bergen County and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Over the George Washington Bridge, upper level.

Into the Bronx via the imfamous Cross Bronx Expressway…..trucks from across the continent funnel through here.

Glorious fall foliage on a perfect autumn morning.

12 thoughts on “George Washington Bridge to Schuylerville 2021

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Fun to see a bridge I’ve actually traveled over, and somewhat surprised to see that mention of I-80. I don’t know where I thought its eastern terminus is located, but it’s the interstate that passed only a mile or so from my front steps when I was in high school in Iowa.

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    1. Travelling back and forth to Tucson in the ’70s my route took me over huge lengths of Interstate 70, since I was coming from the south, then I76, IJ78, I95. Passing the I80 terminus on I95 in Ridgefield Park, just before the George Washington Bridge. I80 is a huge northerly route. It must have made a lot of noise you could hear from your high school. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Ah, childhood. On trips to and from the Bronx over the Whitestone Bridge I remember watching the Throgs Neck Bridge getting built. Each one had a car toll of 25¢ back then. In 1967 I walked over the George Washington Bridge.

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