“Nice to See You”, “Stormy Weather” and “Cat Nap”

A selection of photographs from our January 2019 visit to McKee Botanical Gardens, Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida

This set starts off with a nice guy at work. He was positioned on the large cafe windows. We met the grandchildren around lunch time, so we caught up around the food.

Click me for a dinosaur at McKee Gardens, “Herrerosaurus, one of the first

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2 thoughts on ““Nice to See You”, “Stormy Weather” and “Cat Nap”

  1. Nice art work! Where’s the meal? I have never experienced a botanical garden meal. All veggies I suppose…

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    1. There’s a cafe, maybe 12 seats inside and the same outside under the trees. An eclectic menu, meat and veggies, vegetarian. We indulged the first visit and enjoyed it very much, skipped the second (do not recall why) and brought a picnic lunch to consume elsewhere last year (pandemic caution).


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