Kite Surfing Action Series

three shots in one second

For a change of scene we visited Cape Canaveral, the beach at Cherie Down Park were an informal gathering of Kite Surfers was underway. Here is a series of action shots, one second elapsed from first to last.

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Conditions were excellent: good northerly wind, the sun overcast and, it being afternoon, in the west. Surfers stayed relatively close to shore, near their starting point. I had packed the “heavy gun” camera with a tripod.

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Panning the scene (swiveling on the tripod), the camera in rapid exposure mode, I pressed the shutter release and held it down.

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The surfer was captured mid-jump to landing.

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17 thoughts on “Kite Surfing Action Series

  1. Wow! This closer shots really show how much strength and effort it must take for this sport. Looking from a distance, it is easy to think that they are just gliding along.

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      1. I have to admit that I am a bit of a risk taker and I thought at first that it looked like fun. Now I realize that it is way more than I can handle. There’s no way I would have the strength. 🤪

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  2. Hats off to these guys. I’d love to experience something such as this, Michael. I do know my limits, though. I can remember trying to board surf as a teenager. I managed to get ‘to my feet’, but, in an instant was eating sand and water as I nose dived into the sand bank. Hahah… I’d love to, but it’s only wishful thinking.
    Great images. And to think that jump and land took a second. Certainly highlights the strength, skill and sense of adventure one would need…

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  3. Kite surfing is not for the ones doing for fun, it must be serious surfing. I could imagine that it takes strong wind to pick up the kite and moving it. The surfer must be strong to handle the kite with the hands while the legs have good control of surfing.

    They are stunning shots, Michael. I love them.

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    1. You got me to thinking, Miriam, and checking out Kite Boarding competitions. There are a few, though in my cursory search there was no prize money offered. Yes, the wind strength and direction are important. Have never observed them on days of onshore winds or low wind. The size of the kite is also a factor. The kites have controls and we’ve seen them flown on the beach for practice.

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  4. Your photography skills are amazing.
    Kite riding looks like a lot of fun.
    Like watching them from a distance.
    I am too scared to do myself, lol

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