Newlywed View II

Under the Spell of Treman Gorge

View shared by generations of newlyweds standing on a stone bridge across Enfield Creek. I favor yesterday’s view, peering down into the flume plunging underneath is disconcerting. Readers: What do you think? Please post response as a comment. Thank You.

We are looking back on the place where Treman Gorge Trail from the Old Mill enters a narrow gallery looking here northwest along Enfield Creek.

It is 9:30 am on a July morning Robert H. Treman Park, Ithaca, Tompkins County, Ithaca, New York,

Here is another photograph featuring the ephemeral winter theme, “The Cave.”

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7 thoughts on “Newlywed View II

  1. It might make your head spin to be on that stone bridge, looking at the rushing water. I’d want a steady hand to hold.

    I love the design of all of that. How old is that place? Someone built those walls.

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    1. The parks around here were built in the 1930’s, during the Depression, by the Civilian Conservation Corps, “Roosevelt’s Tree Army.” This was the same Administration that gave us Social Security.


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