Weathered Lava

Spheroidal weathering of Basalt

In preparation for our Ireland tour I woke before work to research each location, filling a leather bound notebook with facts and observations. Faced with the Giant’s Causeway I was woefully unprepared to comprehend the sights.

Walking down the Causeway path, the cliffs rise on the right, at the foot are these strange deposits. The Causeway is part of an enormous lava plateau formed during eruptions 50-60 million years ago. This lava was at bottom, eventually exposed to weather. As eons passed, the basalt reacted chemically with rainwater, the outer rock flaking off like layers of an onion to reveal these strange rounded forms.

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Being here is like finding the abandoned workshop of a giant. The place lives up to the name.

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  1. “Being here is like finding the abandoned workshop of a giant.” – how true! The larger view is impressive. We were booked and set to tour Ireland this spring. My travel book of preparations, facts and information will have to wait a year or two now.

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