Loopy III

There and Back Again

Looping from the hinterland of Treman Park, I turned left on the Rim Trail, following the a one-way track in this time of coronavirus.

“Ithaca is Gorges” is a popular bumper sticker with locals and in this portion of the walk we glimpse the truth of the marketing. No sooner than I turn onto the Rim trail, a foursome approaches, two young couples, a baby in a front mounted carrier on a presumed father, the women talking continuously. I ducked into a handy viewing platform to maintain distance and wait 5 minutes or so until the breezes clear the air. The mask is in my pocket.

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All these photographs and video are from an IPhone 7, sent to my laptop via ICloud.

I am not the fastest walker and this portion of the trail, a steep incline with many large rocks, roots and tilting bridges over rills, demanded care. Still, no other hikers passed me.

Walking the parking lot I understood why, there were few cars and people. Still, I needed to head off the path into the parking lot to maintain distance. Why is it always I how move? Time for experimentation, but I don’t want to put on the mask.

Find this mysterious pathway to beyond next to the Old Mill. To be continued……

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8 thoughts on “Loopy III

  1. How well I remember this place, which we visited on August 1st last year. The trail wasn’t one-way then, and we made the arduous climb back up to the parking lot adjoining the old mill by reversing course rather than crossing the river and coming around on the other side.

    In the Rim Trail 9 sign, I don’t understand what the descending and ascending numbers mean.

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  2. No sooner that I turn onto the Rim trail, a foursome approaches….. I’m confused. Was the Rim Trail one way and you went the wrong way or were the foursome oblivious to posted signs?

    I think hiking this trail would be a challenge wearing a mask, especially in the humid heat. Last weekend I was out photographing bridges while wearing my mask. It felt suffocating. I was careful to wear it whenever anyone approached (at least 10 feet away).

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      1. I was confused another incident in that initial response. Turning onto the Rim Trail I traveled in the correct direction. The group overtook me on the trail and I ducked into the overlook to avoid them.


      2. Ah. That can happen when stopping to use the camera. Although there are sometimes people “running” the trail without masks who come up behind us. It defeats the purpose of a one way trail.

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