Loughan an Lochan Ruin I

Romance of Ruins


Here is a photograph from our day touring the Glens of Antrim.  While making our way up the coast to Torr Head a group of stone walls resolved into ruins. A cluster of cottages on grassy slopes above the Irish sea above Loughan Bay.  This is the townland of Loughan.  Along the road are wonderful signs providing in handsome carved letters the place name in english and gaelic.  Here a signed only provided a gaelic name: “Loughan an Lochan”…near enough to meaning “Loughan Bay” in English.  The bay is a shallow scallop shaped indentation of the coast, a margin of narrow sand strand.

Ruins are spread across the slope.  Immediately before the views are traces of a foundation above the grass.  Beyond the top of a gable, an entire gable to the left.  On the far ridge, just visible, is an entire structure with doorways, gables, walls.

Across the Irish Sea, 13 miles distant, is the Mull of Kintyre.  In faint outline, rising above the horizon, find the highlands of Islay more than 30 miles.  Both are tips of peninsulas jutting from Scotland.

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The ruins lead to curiosity over who live here?  What were their lives like?  Why did they leave?

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19 thoughts on “Loughan an Lochan Ruin I

  1. The Romance of ruins you have as part heading. How I agree, the mystery and the magic of feeling a hush as you listen for ….history to come alive.
    Now you will have to find out this particular one.
    As to Islay I found it beautiful and sort of retaining the past.
    Mull of Kintyre.😊 , I think you must have heard the song.

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    1. Miriam I did not know the McCartney song Mull of Kintyre — thanks!! I looked it up. Lucky to have visited Scotland. Do you have posts about Scotland? I scanned your list w/o success. I am some work to do on that subject….the discovery is a lot of work. All the best, Mike


  2. I agree with you Michael. These ruins bring several questions to mind. A few years ago, I experienced similar questions when I discovered the foundation of a past home at the top of an inner ridgetop’s garden area.

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