Torr Head Stories V

The Way South –

Scottish influences touched the landscape covered by yesterday’s post, today we continue on this subject with these south facing views from Torr Head. The far ridge of Torrcor marks Loughan Bay.

A townland on the other side of Torrcor hill (and townland) has an eponymous ruin, Altagore Cashel. Mores the pity we did not visit this site, a thick drystone enclosing wall from the 5th century (you can see photographs from another site at this link). Cashel is from the Irish Caiseal, a circular, defensive fort (“ring fort”).

Books such as “Antrim and Argyll: Some Aspects of the Connections” tell of connections over the millennia, clan associations between the islands and ring forts such as Altagore Cashel.

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  1. love your landscapes – they are usually so serene
    btw did you see that I answered you question about the roof tiles?
    what sort of a home do you live in?
    do you also have heavy roof tiles or shingles or a different roof?
    greetings from Denmark from Liv

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    1. I track comments from wordpress email notifications and, looking back over the record, I see your response was missed and I answered yesterday about the roof. Thank you for the heads up, Liv, and the compliment. About the “what sort of home” question. Live on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake and the lakeside valley of Ithaca, New York. It is a split level, a single story with a “sunken” living room.

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  2. That sounds like a very lovely home and that you are very happy there. Do you take many pictures on that location?
    However my question was more about the materials your house is built of, since we were taking about building materials. I just wanted to know if you are doing the exact same sort of renovations I was describing, or if you have walls and a roof made of different materials. In that case what I wrote would not apply to you, but you might have other challenges and questions.
    As for the questions you did ask, I have of course answered them on the blog as well.
    I know the situation you describe as well, I sadly also often miss people’s comments and then people often get upset and think I don’t want to talk to them or that their comment or question isn’t important to me, which is really a shame, because just like you, I usually just haven’t seen the notification among the many e-mails that come in – and that is only human, isn’t it? One can’t be perfect at everything and keep an eye on everything. So that is also why i, whenever I write a longer explanation as a response to someone’s question, let them know on their own blog, that I did so.

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      1. Very interesting indeed.
        Is your home constructed the same way?
        Do you have a stone-house or a wooden home?
        It’s a very nice area you live in.
        My answer to your question is here, in case it’s too difficult to find (I always have that problem):


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