Late May, South Rim Trail

Dangerous Practices

Today, I have a companion post to “A Summer Flower and Waterfalls” from a time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) from a walk cut short by inconsiderate people not following New York laws.

All photographs and videos are from an Apple IPhone 7.

Here is a long and close shot of Columbine Flowers thriving on the edge of a gorge cliff.

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With a video of the movement of this wildflower against a backdrop of flowing water over a 100 feet below.

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A scan of the upper gorge with some marvelous clouds.

Continuing onto the forest trail I spotted this Jack-In-The-Pulpit. Here is a photograph and short video.

My walk this day was cut short by joggers, unmasked, on the narrow trail. For each I stepped off to put 6 feet between us. So inconsiderate and unnecessary, selfish.

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4 thoughts on “Late May, South Rim Trail

  1. Wonderful, Michael! I love the videos although at one point had to hold on to the arms of my chair as I got a bout of vertigo!!😀 Oh, we too are contiually having to jump off the path for others who don’t seem to care at all about moving over … at least I’m becoming ever more agile!

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  2. It’s beyond me why people won’t wear masks or follow appropriate distancing and gathering guidelines. I guess it’s just acute selfishness, but sometimes we look like a nation of morons.

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    1. “Ship of Fools” — I saw one fool last week, in the Agway parking lot, wearing a surgical mask over his eyes, with holes cut out to see, and his nose and mouth uncovered. In his car was a sign “No ‘Mo Coumo” — a reference to Andrew Coumo, our Governor who is providing welcomed and sane leadership at this time.


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