Bridging the Lethe

notes from November 2231 AD


Ancient legends speak of the River Lethe, crossed by departing souls.  The waters of the Lethe wash away memory, allowing for spiritual rebirth, reincarnation, a return to the world in new form.


This memory implant represents a bridge over the Lethe.

Footbridge over Enfield CreekFor those chosen to cross over to the new land in return for

Sycamore Grove

their treasure, lives and selves.

Sycamore Grove


This virtual monoculture glade from the long time of forests,

Sycamore Grove

a place of happy gatherings, of families, plentiful food and water.

Sycamore Grove

These sycamores grew over centuries, through thousands of days, wider than 10 people,


white with age as the outer covering, called bark, falls away.


forked, trunks

Sycamore Trunk

climbing to the sky.

Sycamore Sky
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A Perfect Afternoon On Beebee Lake repost

Anticipating Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

After work on a 2008 Friday afternoon in October we sped over to Beebee Lake on the Cornell University Campus to catch the late afternoon glow……

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Frozen Dam

Views from the bridge on Christmas Eve 2019

Here is a companion post for last Sunday’s photographs of Beebee Lake. This was taken where the lake outflow continues as Fall Creek. Enjoy!!

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The Arctic?

Views from the bridge on Christmas Eve 2019

No, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve I took the 1.2 mile walk around Beebee Lake, wearing Yacktracs for the icy paths, after a series of very cold days.

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The lake surface resembled the images of a Saturn moon.

It is a picturesque structure, the bridge, spanning the mouth of a water filled gorge of Fall Creek.

Here is another photograph of the interesting lake surface. All photos of this post are from my IPhone.j

Fall Creek is frozen wall to wall of the gorge.

Slideshow of photographs in this series

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